30-day Jo-burg to Nairobi

About 9000 kilometers, driving through South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Zanzibar, and Kenya.

Johannesburg starting point
Ancient rock paintings
White Rhino tracking on foot
"flying fox" - zip line a few hundred meters across a canyon
Early morning on the Zambezi river
Camping in the wild, on the shores of Zambezi river in Zambia
2 night canoe trip down river 65 km
Taking a speed boat back up the river
Hippo's checking us out
The truck - somehow everything fit in here.
Lovebirds. These things! In a national park in Zambia

Night safari, found this leopard stalking an impala (unsuccessfuly)
Croc - Very dangerous... Crocs at this same spot took 3 fisherman at night a week before
Lake Malawi is beautiful
Driving into Tanzania
Dar-es-Salaam - Just a big dirty city
Night food market (awesome!) in Zanzibar. Making fresh sugarcane juice
Sunset behind a Dhow (boat), on north tip of Zanzibar
Beautiful Indian Ocean
Resturaunt was way too smokey from the kitchen
Tame baboons
Camping on the edge of Ngorongoro crater
Driving down into the crater
Our awesome South African guide, Niel, checking if the mud is drive-able.
Lilac breasted roller
Stretching our legs on a full-day drive through the Serengetti
These things are actually closely related to the elephant

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