Bangkok & Phuket, Thailand

Most of my time was spent sitting under a palm tree on beach. While beaches are awesome, they don't neccearily make for interesting photos.

8 days in Thailand:
A comfortable First Class flight from Beijing to Bangkok. It feels strange to be on an Egyptian airline from China to Thailand, but it gives me a chance to practice my Arabic (all of 4 words).
Kobe beef sushi at Central World in Bangkok.
The first thing I notice is how colorful things are, especially the cars (or taxis at least). In China, all the cars are black or silver.
Ahh, they drive on the left side of the road.
It looks exactly this this for 1 week. The water is amazingly warm.
Thai food is awesome
Seafood fried rice in a pineapple boat. Coconut cream soup with heaps of fresh seafood. Fresh drinking coconut. So tasty!
Stormy weather. The few people that are on the beach dissapear and I have the whole thing to myself.
At the ATV park!
Katathani resort
Bye bye Phuket
Quick flight to Bangkok.

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