Friday March 2 2007
Took an hour BART train to SFO airport, flew direct to HKG in a tiny economy UAL seat.
Saw a full moon rising over the many peaks and harbor.
Got ripped off by the taxi driver, got charged more than I should have.
Arrived to the Holiday Inn Golden Mile in Kowloon around 7pm Hong Kong time on Saturday evening.

Eat a nice breakfast buffet
Meet with one supplier from Hong Kong
Visit their office
Buy a bluetooth headset for use with Skype
Almost buy a tri-band really thin cell phone but decide to hold another few months for the Apple iPhone
Wander around Kowloon for a few hours, eat lunch at Sushi Masa, eat the eel, the california roll, the mango juice, and the green tea
Wander around some parks and shopping malls, see tons of high end stores
Come across the Intercontinental Hotel which I was at 10 years ago for the Hong Kong / British / Chinese hand-over party.
See some great views of the harbor and bay
There is a loudspeaker playing Mozart just as it was 10 year ago in this same spot.
Eat dinner at Ruth's Chris steakhouse

Eat a nice breakfast buffet
Take the KCR Tsim Tsa Tsui East train to Lo Wu
Arrive in Lo Wu, go through immigration & meet interpreter in Shenzhen railway station
Eat some noodles for lunch
HID Kit supplier pick us up at hotel, arrive at high tech office of 200 worker
Tour office and learn about main business
Take drive to suburb to visit HID kit factory of supplier with 400 worker. Inspect production line, inspect new ballast style. Tour other business such as beauty care machine and electronic ballast.
Eat a nice supper with supplier including spicy sichuan cuisine.
Visit window of the world theme park with many scaled attractions and buildings from around the world.
See a Chinese dance performance
Encounter some rain and cold weather.

Interview programmer from Shenzhen in lounge of very nice hotel, the Shangri-la
Eat lunch at nice Chinese resturaunt including sweet barbeque pork buns and fire beef.
Take taxi to meet with new factory which hope to have good business relationship.
Introduce by sales lady to the boss, exchange name card, have breif discussion about company history.
Inspect small production line and testing of brilliant LED display.
Driver take us to larger factory of same company to inspect production of SMD, top, and high power LED.
Take taxi back to hotel and eat supper at Japanese resturaunt.
Visit large shopping mall and have a drink while enjoy the brilliant lights of the city which include a large green laser.

Eat a traditional Chinese breakfast. I am not used to this type of food and diet.
Picked up at hotel by underbody kit supplier of over 3 years business relationship.
Visit offices and enjoy presentation about company including other markets such as RFID chip or car parking sensor.
Taken to nice Chinese lunch, eat some cow stomach.
Go back to office to discuss product changes and upcoming orders.
Come to some nice conclusion in just 1 day that would have taken many months if not in person.
Taken to nice Chinese resturaunt for dinner.

Again, eat a traditional Chinese food breakfast.
Pick up a second day be underbody kit supplier.
Conclude meeting and order details.
Taken to very spicy Chinese lunch.
After lunch, meet with new supplier which hope to do some business in future.
See and inspect suppliers many beautiful products.
Inperpreter goes to meet a friend in Shenzhen, I eat dinner in top floor of Shangri-La hotel, which has many international foods. It is a refreshing change from the spicy Chinese food.

Take train from Shenzehn to Guangzhou.
Meet supplier salesman in Guangzhou for lunch at "western" style Chinese resturaunt.
Visit the very big LED factory with 100 office workers and 800 factory workers. Very clean factory requires through double door and "air shower". Required to wear anti static foot coverings as well as hat and lab coat.
Driven to airport by company car, miss flight because of some obnoxious Chinese tour group in line in front of us causing a delay. Must pay more money to buy first class ticket to next flight.
Fly to Nanjing late at night to visit CCFL supplier.
Supplier picks up at airport and arranges hotel.

Supplier picks up at hotel and then tour factory.
Eat lunch and discuss some more business.
Take a rest and then visit "western" food restaurant to eat german spaetzle noodle and beef.

After eat buffet breakfast, supplier picks up and take on tour to top of mountain.
It is the first day of blue sky and some sun. All other day before is just white and gray pollution with no visible sun.
New supplier picks up in afternoon and drive 1 hour to Danyang town which is famous for automotive parts.
Supplier arrange nice hotel and then we eat nice Chinese dinner.

Visit factory in Danyang and discuss some business for future product.
Drive 3 hours to Shanghai by private car supplied by factory in Danyang.
Check into very nice hotel in Shanghai and go to eat dinner.
Visit downtown Shanghai by harbor and eat dinner at old hotel with good view.
Visit shopping street.

Eat a buffet breakfast at hotel.
Visit nearby park and temple with some old history.
Visit plastic moulding factory in Shanghai.
Skip lunch and eat some sushi for dinner. Rest in hotel for night.

Eat the buffet breakfast.
Private car to Shanghai bus station and buy ticket to Ningbo.
4 hour bus ride to Ningbo on rainy day. See some country side and many rice fields.
Arrive in Ningbo bus station, factory pick up in private car. Factory arrange nice hotel in Ningbo.
Eat dinner at 5 star hotel with supplier.
Visit music club for evening.

Supplier meets for breakfast.
Private car to factory in town about 40 minute away.
Tour factory and conduct meeting about business.
Eat lunch at nice Italian resturaunt in Ningbo. Eat some teriaky short rib with mash potatoe and also BBQ Chicken pizza.
Take a nap at hotel for few hours then meet for dinner.
Buy some DVD for $2 each, then eat dinner at fancy Pizza Hut.
Go for feet clean and feet massage.

No breakfast, 30 minute drive to Ningbo International Airport.
Fly to Hong Kong International Airport.
Gather luggage and pass through customs. Take train to Kowloon station, and then taxi to hotel. But take taxi to wrong hotel, with a similar name, so must take a second taxi to correct hotel.
Hotel has no internet access. Take long hike through Kowloon, stop in some coffee shop along the way for drink and internet connect.
Eat lunch buffet at nice Shangri-La hotel.
Take short ferry ride across harbour to Hong Kong island. Walk some blocks to the start of peak tram.
Upon top of Victoria Peak see beautiful 360 view of Hong Kong and surrounding islands. The days weather is fairly clear and some blue sky which is very rare.
See some westerners at this tourist spot after see all Chinese for 2 weeks.
Take MTR subway under the water to exit near hotel. Rest in hotel for some time. Drink some Guava juice at Starbucks and attempt connect to internet. Bargain with some electronic shop to buy USB memory stick.
Visit lobby of 5-star hotel Intercontinental, stay for some 20 minute while watching the daily syncronized light show across harbour.
Visit Shangri-La again for nice supper.

Saturday March 17 2007
The final day of trip is conclude by take taxi to HKIA and fly direct to SFO.
Eat some nice breakfast at Four Seasons in SF. Stay awake for over 24 hours, and get sick from airplane ride.

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