Travel light. These are the only items needed. They fit nicely into Gucci laptop bag.

In counterclockwise order: Verizon EVDO internet card, online banking token, camera card reader, iPhone charger, amazon kindle eBook, japanese cell phone, passport, D&G sunglasses, iPhone, toothbrush, razor, cross pen, cash, wallet, clif nectar bar, fruit leather, macbook air & charger, instant hand sanitizer, earplugs, eye mask, bose quiet comfort noice-cancelling headphones, 1 pair of boxers, swim suit, tommy bahama collared shirt

Part of Tokyo Narita Airport

Cool modern furniture store

Ninja on top of roof

Toshogu shrine, Nikko

Ginza shopping district

Part of the Armani store

Brand new Skyline GT-R - Saw some driving on the street too!

Looked cool, but wish the light sources weren't directly visible

"Tokyo Big Sight" - Crazy convention center

Interesting stuffed animals

Lexus IS-F - Quite nice & beautiful color too

Chinese medicine - Interesting snake

Akihabara - Huge electronics center

Japanese vending machine - these are everywhere - gotta stay hydrated!

Writing The Picture Show: Other Trips