Sunrise on the Makgadikgadi salt flats, one of the largest in the world

Saw some anti-poaching guards walking around in the bush

Sunset on the Chobe river. Border of Botswana/Namibia/Caprivi strip

After a thunder storm, everything was soaked

Sunset on a river in Maun, Botswana. Hippos and croc's in the water.

Sunset on a river in Maun, Botswana

Elephants. Flying 350 feet above the ground on scenic flight

Mokoro ride on Okavango delta

Mokoro ride on Okavango delta

Helping another truck get un-stuck

About 10 to 15 feet away

Yawning. Heard her roar (awesome!)

Leaving after 5 minutes, we got stuck in the mud about 20 feet away. Had to wait a while for her to walk away

Two of these girafe's were fighting

Impala & Zebra. Must have seen 3000 impala, and hundreds of zebra


Laying on the 4x4 trail. A bit futher down are 3 lion cubs

Finally saw Hyienas! A bit far but still cool. They stole a kill from a leopard. Now the only thing I haven't seen is Wild Dogs & Rhino's.

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